• Forgetting

    1. It is almost Throwback Thursday again. I look down at my cracked iPhone that I feel too busy and too lazy to get fixed. I look at photos from this weekend when I was trying to forget The Thing That Made Me Want To Cry and I think I don’t want to share a… Continue Reading

  • Summer Reading

    I’m always surprised when writers or aspiring writers don’t read. Reading was first a coping mechanism and an escape for me, but now it’s both work and joy. I love reading for review purposes but mostly for pleasure. Even if I’m not reviewing a book for a publication, in my brain, I’m doing it anyway,… Continue Reading

  • The Big Chop

    Audre Lorde writes: “Some women wait for something
    to change and nothing does change
    so they change themselves.”

  • For The Motherless or Unmothered

    I live at the center of an odd emotional Venn diagram that falls around this time each spring. I learned of my father’s suicide on Earth Day in 2010. My mother died from cervical cancer in early 2012. It is my mother who I miss most because insofar as I knew either of my parents,… Continue Reading

  • On Marching & The Performance of Solidarity

    A version of this blog also appeared on Medium On President Trump’s 100th day in office, I’m thinking still about a lingering, ongoing sense of being reluctantly invited to join a spectacle of social change. It’s not the only reason I’m sitting out the People’s Climate March – I’m also busy, tired and need to… Continue Reading

  • Rejection as a Blessing

    Until recently, my relationship to rejection has always been extreme. The first time I received a long, thoughtful rejection letter from an agent, I stopped writing anything creative for years. I have always been good at giving over the power of affirmation to other people, which is certainly not the kind of thing you want… Continue Reading

  • Aster(ix) Journal: Forever Shifting

    I recently moved back to New York after being away for a little while, and as I get reacquainted with home, I’ve also been looking through the archives to assess how much has changed and how much remains the same.  When I search my memory for a time and space in which I felt completely… Continue Reading

  • A panel at Princeton, March 9th

    I’m not the best at telling people where I’m going to be, because I’m not that into self-promotion, honestly. But it’s easier when other folks are involved, which is why I love panels, and in this case, really looking forward to being in conversation with these ladies. If you like the Princeton African American Studies… Continue Reading