Vote for my SXSW 2019 Panel, “Content is a Dirty Word: Rebranding Creatives”

Hello from the land of working while most people are on vacation or trying to avoid the heat or some combination of both (or is this my imagination?)

It’s been five years since I presented at South by Southwest Interactive with my late mentor and friend, Dori Maynard about the business imperative for diversity — which happened the same year I gave the TED Talk embedded in the link to my new proposal for a 2019 SXSW Panel, Content is a Dirty Word.

I’d love your vote to send me back to Austin, home away from home, to offer up some tips on how storytellers, journalists and writers can support themselves through the seismic changes in the traditional & digital landscape, and some strategies for positioning oneself sustainably in the confusing and low-paying content eco-system. You can vote for the panel at this link.


Thank you in advance for your help! Spread the word!



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